WL Ed Resources


  • Musicuentos has a wonderful series of short (8-10 minute) video podcasts on second language acquisition and WL pedagogy.
  • Looking for more resources on those High-Leverage Teaching Practices you keep hearing about? Look no further than right here.
  • FLTeach is a listserv dedicated to discussing issues in foreign/world language teaching.
  • The National Capital Language Resource Center  is another good site for language teaching resources, although it is more oriented towards postsecondary instructors.
  • Professionalization resources: Membership in one or more of these organizations gives you a wealth of professional development opportunities (webinars, conferences, and other resources)
    • ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)
    • NECTFL (Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)
    • CT COLT  (Connecticut Council of Language Teachers)
    • AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese)
    • AATF (American Association of Teachers of French)
    • CLTA (Chinese Language Teachers Association)

Other resources include: