K’iche’ and Quechua Resources

(Yes, they are different languages!)


The University of Texas’s Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) has an online course in K’iche’.

Here is a YouTube video that assists with K’iche’ pronunciation

Indigenous language summer programs in K’iche’, Kaqchikel, and other indigenous languages.

Illustrated Spanish-K’iche’ dictionary

A fairly simple K’iche’-Spanish dictionary

A K’iche’ talking dictionary

Guatemalan Ministry of Education Materials (in many languages including K’iche’)

Universidad Rafael Landivar publications in Mayan languages

USAID Ki’che’ educational resources

Tulane University links to K’iche’ resources

(thanks to Dr. Rusty Barrett for providing additional K’iche’ resources)



Centro Tinku offers Quechua language courses in person.

Peru’s Catholic University (PUCP) has an online Quechua course.

You can also learn Quechua at UPenn!

A pretty good Spanish-Quechua dictionary/translator online.

Here is a fairly complex Quechua-Spanish dictionary, complete with pronunciation guide (pdf format).